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The printer device offers a way of sending configuration-independent
output to a printer attached to the Amiga. It can be thought of as a
filter: it takes standard commands as input and translates them into
commands understood by the printer. The commands sent to the printer are
defined in a specific printer driver program. For each type of printer in
use, a driver (or the driver of a compatible printer) should be present in
the devs:printers directory.

           Printer Driver Source Code In This Chapter
   EpsonX          A YMCB, 8 pin, multi-density interleaved printer.
   HP_LaserJet     A black and white, multi-density, page-oriented printer.

 Printer Device Commands and Functions 
 Printer Device Access 
 Device Interface 
 Sending Printer Commands to a Printer 
 Obtaining Printer Specific Data 
 Reading and Changing the Printer Preferences Settings 
 Querying the Printer Device 
 Error Codes from the Printer Device 
 Dumping a Rastport to a Printer 
 Creating a Printer Driver 
 Example Printer Driver Source Code 
 Additional Information on the Printer Device