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The console device provides the text-oriented interface for Intuition
windows.  It acts like an enhanced ASCII terminal obeying many of the
standard ANSI sequences as well as special sequences unique to the Amiga.
The console device also provides a copy-and-paste facility and an internal
character map to redraw a window when it is resized.


               Feature                       Description
               -------                       -----------
              CONU_LIBRARY                    New #define
              CONU_STANDARD                   New #define
              CONU_CHARMAP                    Console Unit
              CONU_SNIPMAP                    Console Unit
              CONFLAG_DEFAULT                 Console Flag
              CONFLAG_NODRAW_ON_NEWSIZE       Console Flag

   Compatibility Warning:
   The new features for the 2.0 console device are not backwards

 Console Device Commands and Functions 
 Device Interface 
 About Console I/O 
 Writing to the Console Device 
 Reading from the Console Device 
 Copy and Paste Support 
 Selecting Raw Input Events 
 Input Event Reports 
 Using the Console Device Without a Window 
 Where Is All the Keymap Information? 
 Console Device Caveats 
 Console Device Example Code 
 Additional Information on the Console Device