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The input device is the central collection point for input events
disseminated throughout the system. The best way to describe the input
device is a manager of a stream with feeders.  The input device itself and
other modules such as the file system add events to the stream; so do
input device "users" - programs or other devices that use parts of the
stream or change it in some way.  Feeders of the input device include the
keyboard, timer and gameport devices.  The keyboard, gameport, and timer
devices are special cases in that the input device opens them and asks
them for input. Users of the input device include Intuition and the
console device.

                     NEW FEATURES FOR VERSION 2.0

                    Feature              Description
             ---------------------    -----------------
             IECLASS_NEWPOINTERPOS    Input Event Class
             IECLASS_MENUHELP         Input Event Class
             IECLASS_CHANGEWINDOW     Input Event Class
             IESUBCLASS_COMPATIBLE    Input Event SubClass
             IESUBCLASS_PIXEL         Input Event SubClass
             IESUBCLASS_TABLET        Input Event SubClass
             PeekQualifier()          Function

   Compatibility Warning:
   The new features for the 2.0 input device are not backwards

 Input Device Commands and Functions 
 Device Interface 
 Using the Mouse Port With the Input Device 
 Adding an Input Handler 
 Writing Events to the Input Device Stream 
 Setting the Key Repeat Threshold 
 Setting the Key Repeat Interval 
 Determining the Current Qualifiers 
 Input Device and Intuition 
 Example Input Device Program 
 Additional Information on the Input Device