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GadTools is a new library in Release 2 that is designed to simplify the
task of creating user interfaces with Intuition.  GadTools offers a
flexible and varied selection of gadgets and menus to help programmers
through what used to be a difficult chore.

Intuition, the Amiga's graphical user interface, is a powerful and
flexible environment.  It allows a software designer a great degree of
flexibility in creating dynamic and powerful user interfaces.  However,
the drawback of this flexibility is that programming even straightforward
user interfaces can be complicated, and certainly difficult for first-time
Intuition programmers.

What the Gadget Toolkit (GadTools) attempts to do is harness the power of
Intuition by providing easy-to-use, high-level chunks of user interface.
GadTools doesn't pretend to answer all possible user interface needs of
every application but by meeting the user interface needs of most
applications, GadTools greatly simplifies the problem of designing
user-friendly software on the Amiga.  (For applications with special
needs, custom solutions can be created with Intuition's already-familiar
gadgets or its new Boopsi object-oriented custom gadget system; GadTools
is compatible with these.)

 Elements of GadTools    GadTools Gadgets 
 GadTools Menus          Function Reference