La "Sputaci"

From Chiana to Oxford

But are you of hard?!
Ma che se’ de crognelo?

But do you want to learn how fuck to daddy?!
Ma che vo’ insegnare a trombare al babo?!

But did you see fly the bill-hook?
Ma ch’hè visto vulà le ronchele?

Who let loose you?!
Ma chi t’ha sciolto?!

Who did you learn the good behaviour?!
Ma chi t’ha‘nsento l’enducanza?!

But to make shit at the Prato
Ma va a cacare al Prato

But go to do two brunches
Ma va a fa’du frasche

But go to hoe the sides
Ma va a zappà’le prode

Never to the blind of the cathedral
Manco a ciechi del domo

Never to do it on porpouse
Manco a fallo aposta

You eat as a tribunal
Mangi quante ‘n tribunele

It doesn’t iterest me a saw
Me ’mporta ’na sega

You sucks
Me fè onco

It tastes a s a thousand yearss
Me sa ‘a mill’anni

I put myself to the pressure
Me so misso al pigio

I feel to sdog
Me vien da scanare

Better little but good
Meglio pochi ma boni

Except the mould and mirdin, he’s got every vices
Men che la muffa e ‘l mirdino, tutti i vizzi l’ha

Mica ch’ho scritto Giocondo in fronte
Mica c’ho scritto Giocondo in fronte

Cover yoursef with care, if not you’ll ice yourself
‘Nguluppiti perbenino, sinnò te ghiacci

In the head you’ve got two little boxes: one empty and in one there is nothing
Nel capo c’hè du scatoline: una è vota e una ‘n c’è gniente

He gave a shot on ground
Ha dato ‘n nicchio ‘n terra

Oh then… kill me
O alora… amazzeme

Or drink or drown
O bere o afogare

Are you looking to a walnut’s fork?!
O s’aguarda a ‘na nforchetteta de noci?!

Are you dry walling?!
O che muri a secco?!

What are we doin’, the Sor Canelli?!
O che se fa, el Sor Cannelli?!

Or so or nails
O cusì o chiodi

Oh tell him that storm
O digni che bufi

Oh… friend of the sun…
O… amico del sole…

Oh my Good what a tramp
Odio che brinzellone

Every punch is a mother that cry
Ogni cazzotto è ‘na mama che piagne

Now the oaks too do the lemons
Ora anco le querce fano i limoni

Now I hill-treat you for the holidays
Ora te concio pe’ le feste

Now don’t start to break the balls
Ora unn’aviare a rompere i coglioni

Stomach my became hovel
Pancia mia fatte capanna

To die and to pay we’re always in time
Per murire e per pagare se’ fa sempre ‘n tempo

Few wool, as told that one that was shearing a pig
Poca lana, come disse quello che tosava i maiali

Poor to us
Por’a ‘noi

Poor soul…

You can go, as Chiavarino told to train after that took the young turkeys away from the tracks
Potete vire, come disse Chiavirino al treno doppo ch’ebbe cavo i billarini dal binério

Little Exact makes shit in himself
Precisin se cacò’ adosso

Exact as the cas to the ass
Priciso come la camicia al culo

You smell that you trouble
Puzzi ch’avelli

You smell as a rotten egg
Puzzi d’ovo boglio

When Lignano put the cap, Aretine take the umbrella
Quande Lignano mette ‘l capello, Aritino apri l’umbrello

When he takes Christ for the feet
Quande piglia Cristo pe’ piedi

When too much and when nothing
Quande troppo e quande gniente

What doesn’t kill makes you fat
Quel che ‘namazza ‘ngrassa

This is the good Jesus one, later there are no more
Questo è quelo del bon Gisù, doppo questo ‘n ce n’è più

This is not the way, as was told by that one that was drowning
Questo unn’è ‘l verso, come disse quel ch’afogava

We was child togheter
S’era ragazzi ‘nsieme