La "Sputaci"

From Chiana to Oxford

He made the whip for his own ass
S’è fatto la frusta pel su culo

We took a jacket of water
S’hè preso ‘na giubbata d’acqua

Saint Donato, the winter has come
San Donato, l’inverno è arivato

Santa Firmina, Le Poggiola and Chiani don’t stay quiet with the hands
Santa Firmina, Le Pggiola e Chiani n’unne stan fermi co’ le mani

It will be better put the hands forward, as told the one that was falling to big mouths
Sara’ meglio mettè le mani avanti, come disse quello che cadiva a bocconi

If the numb fly, they’ll give you food with the sling
Se ‘l coglion volasse, the darebbon da mangà‘ co’ la sfionda

If my grandfa had the balls he was a flipper
Se ‘l mi nonno aiva tre palle era ‘n flipper

If I don’t sheet I esplode
Se ‘n caco schianto

If it isn’t soup, it’s wet bread
Se ‘nnè zuppa è pan mollo

You’re ugly as Mr Fei, that frightened a herd of bears and the youngest died
Se’ brutto quant’el Fei, che fece paura a’n branco d’orsi e ‘l più picino murì

You’re ugly as the label of the posion
Se’ brutto quante l’itichetta del veleno

We knock by thw cold
Se bussa dal freddo

You are like the dog of fano, that while others was having sex, he licked his ball
Se’ come el can de Fano, che mentre quel’altri trombaveno lù se leccava le palle

We do the dark and the water
Se fa el buio e l’acqua

If my grandma has the wheels was a cart
Se la mi’ nonna aèa le rote era ‘n carretto

We pick out the win fros the bottles
Se leva ‘l vin dai fiaschi

We eat what give the monastery
Se mangia quel che passa ‘l convento

You are red as a turkey
Se’ rosso come ‘n billo

Your thin as a door
Se’ secco come ‘n uscio

You arrived after the fires
Se’ arivo doppo ‘fochi

You are white and red like a ball of chards
Se’ bianco e rosso come ‘na palla dè pulezze

You are of easy fishing
Se’ d’abocco facile

You are out as a balcony
Se’ de fori come ‘na terrazza

You are of short skin
Se’ de pelle corta

You are hard as green pine
Se’ duro come ‘na pina verde

You’re worse than little children
Se’ peggio de citti picini

You’re more dumb that long
Se’ più coglion che lungo

You are more dumb that Ammene, that took away the thirst with the ham
Se’ più coglion de Ammene, che se cavava la sete col pruciutto

You are more dumb that Cacco, that went to pick up pulses with the ladder
Se’ più coglion de Cacco, ch’andava a cogliè’ i bacelli co’ la scala

You are more dumb that seeded beans with the gun
Se’ più coglion del Bista, che piantava i fagioli co’la rivoltella

You are more dumb that poor Schjfo, that rolled in ascent
Se’ più coglion del poro Schjfo, che barullava ‘n salita

You are more ignorant than a miccia (not traslatable)
Se’ più ignorante de ‘na miccia

You are more dirty tha the Lonzi, that had a wash in the Chiana and went out dusty
Se’ più suddecio del Lonzi, che fece ‘l bagno ‘llà Chiana e scappò polvaroso

You are all ass
Se’ tutto culo

Sign you that flash
Segnete che balena

You seem the child of poor nobody
Sembri el fiol del poro nissuno

If I stayed in this way I didn’t eat, as told that one after dinner
Si stavo cusì un mangiavo, disse quelo doppo cena

If I take you between the hands you resist as the scream of a young cat
Si te piglio ‘nfra le mani, duri quante el bercio d’un gatto bighino

If you have a shadow of walnut tree
Si tu aesse ‘na marigge de nocio

Yes, good Ugo..
Sì, bona Ugo…

I’m just arrived
So becch’arivo

I’m half
So mezzo

I’m full like an egg
So pieno come ‘n ovo

I’m tired dead
So stracco morto

I’m all an hill
So tutto ‘n dolore

Hope that continue, told the one that was rolling down by the roof
Speriamo che duri, disse quello che barullava dal tetto

I stay as a blind chicken
Sto come ‘n pollo cieco

This wine fill up
Sto vino alappa

Dirty as a chiken run’s skip
Suddecio come ‘n baston da polaio

Much I want to go down, as told the one that round-in-ground from his bike
Tanto vulivo scendere, come disse quello che barullò de bicigretta

I load you at chestnuts
Te carco a brice

I load you bu punches
Te carco de botte