IEBrowser is a tiny browser based on the old MS Internet Explorer 6 Engine. I wrote this utility because I still need to manage some old devices, such as DVR and NVR whose interface is based on the old OCX/ActiveX technology.

Internet Explorer is still available on the last Windows 10 releases even if it is not visible on the Start menu. But instead of start it, IEBrowser let’s you to save your favourites, in the same manner as Putty, and starts a session in an embedded window with no toolbars, menus and other distractions.

Technically, it is based on the TWebBrowser component available Borland Delphi 7 that acts as a software interface between the application and the MS IE web engine.

IEBrowser is a pure Windows 32 bit application with no other dependencies, except for the IE web engine, of course! It is written in Object Pascal and compiled with Borland Delphi 7. It can be run from anywhere without installation. All settings are saved in the current user’s AppData directory. It’s free and open-source.

You can download the latest release from GitHub. Feel free to use and send me your feedback.