La "Sputaci"

From Chiana to Oxford

I’ll give you a slap that I’ll round you on ground
Te do ‘n labbrone che t’avito ‘n terra

I’ll give you to the face
Te do al muso

I eat you with the clothes on
Te mangio co’ ‘panni adosso

You reeat all the cheese won
Te sé armangio tutto ‘l cacio vinto

Will come to you the pronosphere
Te vinisse la pronospera

Squared head
Testa quadra

I just weighted you
T’ho belle pesato

Take it of count
Tienne de conto

Between have or not to have
Tra aello e ‘n l’aere

You’ll find who make you worse
Troverè chi te fa peggio

All make soup
Tutto fa brodo

It doesn’t remain me nothing
Umm’avanza gniente

There doesn’t entered my eye
Umme c’è’ntro l’occhio

It doesn’t sbeans me
Umme sfagiola

There’no stomach for cats
Un c’è trippa pe’ gatti

He doesn’t understand even trying to call him
Un capisce manco a chiamallo

He doesn’t make pair
Un fa para

Please, do not do so much figs!
Un fare tanti fichi!

He doesn’t remember neither where he brings the bread in his house
Un se ricorda manco ‘ndù tiene ‘el pane ‘n chesa

It doesn’t strangle
Un se strozza

Don’t put in walk if the mouth doesn’t smell of wine
Un te mettere ‘n cammino si la bocca ‘n sa de vino

He didn’t listen to deaf
Un’intese a sordo

He doesn’t retake

It’s not the hill of nothing
Unn’è el mal de gniente

He hadn’t the eay to walk
Unn’ha la via da caminare

He hadn’t one to do two
Unn’ha una per fanne dua

He didn’t want reasons
Unn’ha volsuto ragioni

I haven’t no more
Unn’ho più

He doesn’t get the leg out
Unne cava le gambe

He was screaming like a chicken forced in the door
Urlava come ‘na galina stretta a l’uscio

Use or not use the dish under the muzzle
Uso o non uso el piatto sotto ‘l muso

Go bed and bandage your feet
Va a letto e fasciete i piedi

He goes that is a sprinter
Va ch’è ‘na scheggia

To go to bed with the chickens
Vire a letto co’ le galine

Working desire bring me away
Voglia dè lavorà porteme via

Press monk that the hole opens itsself
Zeppa frate che’l buco s’apre

Silent as the little bugs
Zitti come i bachini